The programme will comprise of morning lectures, plenary sessions, intensive group workshops and seminars as well as optional evening gatherings to draw together emerging themes. An excursion to Berlin will bring attendees into contact with NGOs working on matters relevant to the theme of the Summer School.

Participants are expected to attend all the workshops, discussions and talks, and will choose one seminar to attend throughout the week. The working language is English.


“Common Grounds? Recent Debates on the Interconnections Between Postcolonialism and Ecocriticism,” Nicole Waller, University of Potsdam

“Uneven Ecologies: Commodity Frontiers, Boom Towns, and Peripheral Aesthetics,” Michael Niblett, Warwick University

“Containing Oil: The Pipeline in World Petroculture”, Greame MacDonald, Warwick University

“From Rubbish to Dumps: The Environment of Economic Inequality from Slums
to State Housing,” Melissa Kennedy, University of Vienna

“The Cultural Politics of Prevention: Postcolonial Disaster and the Environmental Humanities” — Anthony Carrigan, Keele University


Postcolonial Ecocriticism and the Arctic — Micha Edlich, University of Mainz             Course Description (pdf)

Ecofeminism — Andrea Kinsky-Ehritt, University of Potsdam                                       Course Description (pdf)

Screening Resistance: Film and Postcolonial Ecological Conflict — Alexa Weik v. Mossner, University of Klagenfurt                                                                                                  Course Description (pdf)

The Animal in World-Literary Encounters — Roman Bartosch, University of Cologne  Course Description (pdf)

Postcolonial Anarchism: Anti-colonial Resistances, Transnationalism and Social Revolution —  Ole Birk Laursen, Open University                                                                           Course Description (pdf)


Plastic and Concrete — Kylie Crane, University of Mainz

Eco-critical Linguistics — Kay Sturzwage, University of Potsdam

Didactics and Postcolonial Ecocriticism — Martin Brück, Otto-Hahn-Schule Hamburg

Still life: Investigating the colonial legacy of museum taxidermy — Anja Schwarz, University of Potsdam

Postcolonial Piracy — Lars Eckstein, University of Potsdam

Ecocriticism and Environmental Imagination in Anglophone Science Fitction — Ivaylo Shmilev, Goethe University Frankfurt

Ecopower and Necropower: Narratives of Resistance and Resilience in India’s Naxalite Movement — Pavan Malreddy, TU Chemnitz

Ecocriticism and Storied Matter. The Natural, Cultural, Material Narratives in Selected Southern African Literatures — Weeraya Donsomsakulkij, University of Bayreuth

Ecofeminism in India — Gurpreet Kaur, Warwick University

Seed forms? Open source tractor, bamboo bike and compost toilet: convivial technologies for just degrowth. An ethnographic look at peer-to-peer projects — Andrea Vetter, Humboldt University of Berlin

The Political Ecology of Land Rights: Understanding Dalit and Adivasi Struggle for Land and Land Rights in the State of Kerala, India — Priya Chandran, EFLU Hyderabad

Hotspots Blogs: The Social Biologist? — Mathilde Bessert-Nettelbeck

Excursion to Berlin

Optional City Tours: Lobby Walks, Poscolonial Berlin Tour with Berlin Postkolonial e.V., Museum of Natural History

World Café: Baobab Infoladen e.V., INKOTA-netzwerk e.V., Ruby Cup, Survival International, Bauraum für Low-Tech Ideen, Greening the University

Panel – Challenging Economic Growth: Andreas Siemoneit (Wachstumswende e.V.), Uwe Lübbermann (Premium Cola)

An hourly schedule for the week can be found here: pdf  / .ics (iCal). 

A printable copy of our programme flyer can be found here: pdf.


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