1.) Which are the closest airports?

Berlin Schönefeld (SXF)
Berlin Tegel (TXL)

2.) What is the address of the accommodation?

Altes Haus – Potsdam, Ev. Herbergs- und Begegnungshaus, Meistersingerstr. 17, 14471 Potsdam (http://www.alteshaus-potsdam.de/)

3.) When can I check into the accommodation?

The hostel will be available to us from 4pm onwards on Sunday, Sept. 1st – we can, unfortunately, not come earlier because another large group is checking out that day and they need time and space to clean

4.) Will we have to share rooms?

Yes. There are no single bedrooms, the rooms are for 2, 4 or 5 people.

5.) What do I need to bring?

Please bring your own towels (bed linen will be provided). Also remember that though September is often warm and sunny, Potsdam and Berlin weather can get quite cold and wet, especially at night. So don’t forget to pack your fanciest jumpers.

6.) How to get from the airports to the accommodation?

– you will have to buy an ABC ticket for 3,20€ to get from the airport/from Berlin to the accommodation in Potsdam. Please do not by a ticket for the whole week, we will provide you with a ticket on the registration day (Monday morning)
– From Berlin Schönefeld: regional train RB22 to Potsdam Bahnhof Charlottenhof, from there it’s a 5 min walk
– From Berlin Tegel: Bus 109 to S-Charlottenburg Bahnhof, regional train RB21 in direction of Wustermark to Potsdam Charlottenburg, from there it’s a 5 min walk
You can get directions here: http://fahrinfo.vbb.de/bin/query.exe/dn

7.) How to get from Berlin central train station to the accommodation?

– take the regional train RE1 (direction: Brandenburg) to Potsdam Charlottenhof or RE1 (direction: Magdeburg) to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof and then either take a bus (605, 606, 631) or the regional train RB 21 to Potsdam Charlottenhof

8.) How to get from the accommodation to campus?

– take the bus 605 (direction: Wissenschaftspark Golm) or 606 (direction: Alt-Golm) to Neues Palais

neues palais

9.) Where will the lectures, seminars and workshops take place?

– most of our programme will take place at Potsdam University Campus Neues Palais – all keynotes and the panel discussion on Friday will take place in building 9 – all seminars & workshops in building 19 – click the map for details.

10.) Is it possible to extend the stay in the accommodation for a couple of nights, i.e. to arrive earlier than Sep.1/to stay longer than Sep.7?

– unfortunately that’s not possible. There is a YHA in Potsdam Babelsberg which can be reached quite well by public transport as well as a few other hostels in more central locations in town, it is also interesting to note that accomodation in Berlin might possibly be cheaper than in Potsdam as there’s more competition in the hostel sector.

11.) Where will the conference warming take place?

– in a bar called “Pub á la Pub”, Breite Straße 1, 14467 Potsdam (meet us there at 8pm) you can walk there from Potsdam main station

12.) How to get to the conference warming?

– you can walk there from Potsdam main station or take a Tram to Alter Markt
– from the accommodation you can take the bus lines 606, 605 or 631 (direction: Potsdam Hbf) to Alter Markt

13.) Where do I find the reading material?

– we set up an iversity platform. You will find all the readings there. Please make sure to be prepared for your seminars and workshops.


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